Sunday, 24 February 2013

Brunst - Rebellen -1986- (Tape, Konduktör Rekords, KR 17), Sweden

So let’s start the blog off with a tape I really love. This follow up of the incredible minimal synth tape Rrröster by Brunst (you knowwhere to find it) continues where the former left off, only adds a couple of more experimentations and industrial hints. This 1986 tape from one of the guys of Njurmännen (Magnus) starts with Auwa II, the little brother (or sister) of the monster minimal synth track Auwa on the first cassette, still one of my all time favorite songs. Pure analog synth power! These tapes deserve a proper reissue, maybe on the label which has already released the old Njurmännen cassettes (which are awesome!)  If they reissued those then they should rerelease these closely related minimal synth pearls from sweden too. Moreover since the whole minimal synth wave hype started.
Anyway the best song here is “For Jogga Only”. A totally crazy, demented and distorted minimal synth version of Billy Idol’s white wedding. I’m sure Jogga liked it a lot.
This release was on Konduktör records, also from sweden, which is definitely worth checking out. Has some awesome acts on there like Cloister Crime, Fågeldöd, M. Forshage and others that you can find elsewhere. Brunst just released a new tape on Hosianna Records in the end of 2012, don’t know what it sounds like, but I’m curious. You can buy it here. Also Rebellen is still available through Börft records here, the label of the legendary FRAK guys. Buy it and support the artists!


The sound is not in the best shape as one of the stereo sides of the tape itself had a lot of white noise and I’m still figuring out how to rip music the best way. Any simple suggestions are very welcome. If someone wants to bother to reduce the noise I can supply the WAV. Files. Also I need help in knowing what would be the best website to upload stuff to, because I don’t trust anyone in life anymore since the megaupload drama. No, just kidding, I don’t trust upload websites that much anymore and they are getting more and more commercialized.


  1. Hi,
    Excellent blog!!
    Would it be possible to post in 320kbs instead of 128kbs? With today's bandwidth that really shouldn't be a problem.

  2. Hello,

    Yeah sure I will. Frankly I didn't have a clue of how to do this at first, but I'll put stuff up in 320kbs next time.

  3. Thanks, very much appreciated!! :)
    I hope you can keep a good balance between the various styles you're going to post.

  4. Hey Bence,

    Absolutely fantastic blog you are having - a lot of inspiration and true gems can be found here.

    Could you please reupload this one - been looking for it for quite a while now (any other pre-2019 reuploads would be very much appreciated too.


    1. I see you've uploaded some of the stuff -- thank you so much, you're really making my self-isolation days...