Friday 20 February 2015

Naif - Atlas -1982- (LP, Filobus), Spain

Naif was a project created in the early eighties by three important musicians from the Spanish  underground music scene. Their only album Atlas is regarded as one of the holy grail records coming from the experimental music scene of Spain and Cataluña. The amount of copies that were put out is unspecified.

The members of the band were: Albert Giménez, founder of Spanish cosmic electronic band Neuronium and later creator of many free-improvised avant-garde flamenco albums in the eighties. Enric Cervera, known for his role in Spanish contemporary jazz and other improvisational releases and Victor Nubla, one of the founding members of one of Spain's most brilliant experimental acts Macromassa who also participated in numerous other experimental projects of the Spanish home-taping and DIY culture, like El Secreto Metro. Also he played with French-Catalan artist Pascal Comelade, French Mecano-musician Pierre Bastien and others. You can find all his work for free on his personal bandcamp over here.

The music moves in between Spanish flamenco guitar, Rock in Opposition like sounds, progressive rock, free improvisation and electronic manipulations. At times it reminds me of another Catalan underground outfit called Súck Electronic, at other moments it sounds like jazzy soundtracks with freakish improvisation. Every side of this double album has got a different profile which is indicated on the labels. The last side is an 18 minutes long track.

Highly recommended!

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Archaic Inventions exists for two years now. I'm proud I've been able to extend the lifespan for such a long time. Thank you all for visiting the blog and I hope the uncovering of these recordings finds a nice place in your daily life. Thank you all for the support and spreading this great music globally. Let's continue this journey for another year to come.

Bence - Archaic Inventions


  1. i'm late to the party but woo hoo! it's great thanks

  2. i'm late to the party but woo hoo! it's great thanks

  3. Hi!
    If you can reupload this jewel, I would really appreciate.
    Greetings from Costa Rica.