Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Various Artists - Tecnologie Del Movimento -1989- (LP, HAX 01), Italy

Tecnologie Del Movimento was a cornerstone compilation of the late Italian Industrial scene that showcased some of the first sounds that were later to be established into the ritual and dark ambient techno styles of the nineties. The Hax label was run by Marco Milanesio who is also the mastermind behind the group DsorDNE from Turin, a group also featured on this compilation.

Another Italian Industrial act on TDM is Officine Schwartz that started out in 1983 in a classic industrial style using unconventional instruments as well as scrap metal and such. Then there is Gerstein, moniker of Maurizio Pustianaz, who published many experimental music and noise cassettes since 1984 and even had a release on the British Harsh Noise label Broken Flag in 1987. Furthermore there are a few unknown acts compiled: Alberi Per Debra, Unga and La Deviation.

The successor Tecnologie Del Movimento II was released on CD in 1992 and already moved into more dark ambient techno realms, also containing more outdated tracks. This first compilation however, really showcases a fine collection of industrial sounds with nice analog electronic sequence loops, ambient collages and musical theme's that even resemble those of Coil at times.

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  1. Very interesting soundscapes, gotta dive into this more! Great blog too, looks like there's a lot of good stuff to lurk through. Cheers!
    (I'm that guy you met at Record Mania today)

  2. Would you please re upload this one?