Friday 8 February 2019

Dojoji ‎- Meets The Fungle -1984- (Tape, D.J.J. 101), Netherlands

After accidentally providing something that was already available the last post I return to the essence of this blog: sharing something we have been waiting for to surface, not to be found before.

Dojoji were an excellent New Wave and Funk group from Rotterdam, The Netherlands that consisted of Pien Selleger and Ted Langenbach (Bass), Ron Louers (Bongos), Ferdinand Rolle (Drums), Leo Anemaet (Guitar), Trubus (Percussion), Hans Rath (Saxophone), Rudy Zinc (Synthesizer) and Fee Arnold (Vocals).

On this Cassette EP, Dojoji meets the funky jungle (Fungle) and plays lengthy pieces of energetic funk music with a new wave attitude. Dojoji released a very nice 12 Inch EP on Plexus records in 1984 and also a cassette with live recordings a year before that one. Both of their releases were uploaded a long time ago here and here. They remind me of other Dutch funk wave groups with electronic touches on the Fetisj tape label like Richenel or Necronomicon, but it even has hints of the band Sukursaal I posted not long ago.

Dojoji furthermore resembles some bands on the Cherry Red label like Rip, Rig and Panic or Medium Medium, but it's mainly fueled by the 80's New York styles in-between like James Chance's funky no-wave sounds and many of the boogie and 'break' records from old-school hip-hop. Actually Dojoji were quite unique in Holland and I like this cassette a lot due to the use of the synthesizer additions and the percussion elements. Nice stretched out tracks full of life one just has to dance to! It once again shows how Rotterdam was always the most New York oriented city of The Netherlands.

A good remedy for your winter depression!

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