Wednesday 30 October 2019

Art Moulu Tréfin - Self-Titled -1985- (Cassette), France

Art Moulu Tréfin were a Rock In Opposition band from France that consisted of Jean-François Welter, Jo Thirion, Maurice Ott, Olivier Masson and Richard Antez. Their sound obviously has something akin to Magma, which is basically the start for most French bands with complex intrumental structures in their composition, but they also remind me of the French band Komintern from the 70's. Ofcourse Art Moulu Tréfin is a product of the 80's and had an own signature to their music with strange lyrics, humor and zig-zagging compositional manoeuvres. The band was also compiled on one of the Recommended Records quarterly series.

The music on this self-released cassette EP from 1985 was recorded on a Fostex 8-track recorder thus sometimes a bit lo-fi in quality. Nevertheless, it consists of some top-notch humoristic RIO complexity that fits a similar musical realm as the French Rock In Opposition band of the first hour Etron Fou Leloublan, the Swiss group Debile Menthol or the Estonian outfit Ne Zhdali.

Finally we can hear Art Moulu's music from the early times after Mutant Sounds published their equally great live album from 1990 over a decade ago. Another essential piece of French RIO history.

This cassette is not on Discogs.

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  1. it sounds great but the link is not working today.

    1. Hi! The link is not working because Zippyshare is being blocked in a large amount of countries at the moment. You can bypass this blockage by using a proxy server.

      As long as I don't find or get recommended a right alternative for Zippyshare all the files will remain to be uploaded there. Perhaps I could add a Mediafire link too next time, but it's time consuming. It would be great to find another file hosting service in the near future. All tips are welcome.

      Good luck for now!

      Bence - AI

  2. Jo Thirion was a member of Etron Fou for their last three studio albums: the Fred Frith produced Les Poumons Gonflés, Les Sillons De La Terre and Face Aux Elements Dechaines. And she's on the A Prague live album.

  3. And the Fostex 8 track is a very good quality machine. Where this sounds lo-fi is something they did intentionally. A very clean machine with good noise reduction.

    1. Yeah sure it is a great machine indeed, I also record on cassettes myself. I guess what I meant was that some parts were peaking a bit too much in the mix of the different tracks, mainly a few bits with the drum kit! I really don't mind though. What a band, just incredible!

      Thanks for the info and visiting!

  4. The member of Art Moulu Tréfin it's only Olivier Masson, sax
    voice. Jean François Welter, keyboard & drum, voice. Antez, guitare, basse, keyboard, drum, voice ( from Primitif Soon ) Starting in 84 In 87 Antez leave ( création of Cellule d'intervention Metamkine )the band Jo Thirion, keyboard ( from Etron Fou Le Loup Blanc) & Maurice Ott, voice coming and the name change by just Art Moulu.
    Art Moulu Tréfin : ReRecord Quarterly, LP/Recommended/1986.
    LP/12 pour 1/ Ayaa/1987.

  5. Hi!
    I would really apprecaite if someone can reupload this jewel!
    Greetings from Costa Rica



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