Thursday 14 May 2020

S·Core - Senile Decay -1987- (Cassette, De Koude Oorlog! I.U.04), Japan/Netherlands

Here we have one of the last tapes by S·Core that wasn't available so far to my knowledge. S·Core was the project by Japanese industrial musician Yutaka Tanaka. He released many cassettes during the 80's of which some were released on his own Afflict label. This cassette is an exception because it was released on the Dutch De Koude Oorlog! (The Cold War!) label, a small cassette label from Den Helder that was quite industrial oriented releasing artists like Dikyl Brobojo and Szarkov.

S·Core's music is a nice example of Japanese industrial music that isn't just pure noise. Tracks vary from rhythmic analog industrial sounds in an Esplendor Geométrico (Spain) or Mesh (Australia) way to dark ambient pieces. It somehow relates a bit to Zoviet-France, early Muslimgauze or music I can recall from the amazing Vanity Records label from Japan. S·Core is not musically active anymore, but he released material until the late 90's. I'm not sure how this material ended up on this Dutch cassette label, also not sure whether he was touring in The Netherlands. In any case this is another piece of the S·Core puzzle. Specially the rhythmic tracks are quite nice. Also a good title for the times we are facing I suppose... You can find most other S·Core tapes over here.

This tape was limited to 50 copies.

From the collection Allard pierson/NPI

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  1. Thank you!
    I've been looking for this K7 for a very long time!
    It was the last one I was missing!
    All the best.

  2. Hello, fellow S.Core fan here. Yes, this tape is quite a rarity. As far as I know, S.Core hasn't been touring anywhere, but Staalplaat in Amsterdam may have been the connection. That's where I got most of my collection. They had all of his Afflict tapes on sale there, which may have inspired fans to contact him. There was also the Dysphonia tape, released by Morpheus Tapes, another small Dutch label. I am pleased to see more and more of S.Core's complete works appear on YT. One that seems to be really obscure is his collaboration tape with Sargasso, 'Electrick'. (Of which I only have a damaged 2nd hand copy) Cheers

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  4. Could you re-up this rare gem, please? Both links are dead.