Wednesday 14 October 2020

Coomans, Vinck, Denhaene ‎- Eight Intimate Poses -1978- (LP, Stichting Vrijere Muziek 3), Belgium


Eight Intimate Poses was a free-jazz and free improvisation endeavour by a Flemish trio that consisted of Leo Coomans (reeds), Kris Vinck (trombones) and Marc Denhaene (guitars, accordeon). It was recorded at King Kong in Antwerp on December 11th and 12th, 1977. King Kong was an independent cultural centre for music, theatre and film, founded in the early seventies. It was situated on Keizerstraat 38 in Antwerp. Joy Division even played the King Kong venue in 1980.

The three musicians on Eight Intimate Poses were regularly part of other jazz and improvisation formations (WIM Fanfare, Madou etc.) in Belgium but also played with foreign jazz musicans. Furthermore there was an important exchange of recorded material with other free-jazz and impro labels. This copy of Eight Intimate Poses for example was distributed through the BVHaast label in Amsterdam which was one of the most important contemporary jazz labels in Holland founded by saxophonist and composer Willem Breuker.

Eight Intimate Poses is another interesting release of the Belgian independent impro scene. The music consists of free improvisation in some of its most minimalistic shapes with occassional hectic outburst. It reminds me a.o. of the intricate, delicate yet anarchic acoustic sounds by the American impro duo and NWW List residents LaDonna Smith and Davey Williams and their Trans Museq label. 

Belgian label Ultra Eczema also released a great archival album by Leo Coomans in 2009 that I highly recommend to check out.

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  2. Fantastic! Thanks a lot for sharing this rare LP, and the background information!
    Just a remark: Madou was not a jazz or improv formation. It was a shortlived band that played a kind of cross between folk and pop music that sounded ahead of its time - in Belgium, at least. The lyrics (in Dutch) were quite poetic, dark and evocative.

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    If you can reupload this ewel, I would really appreciate.
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