Tuesday 9 July 2013

Entre Vifs - Promotional Copy -198X- (Tape), France

So what we have here is a some sort of promotional cassette by Entre Vifs, a side project of the French bruitiste and power electronics masters Le Syndicat. This might be one of the first releases of this project as the cover says "Our new noisecraft ensemble is called.. Entre Vifs". This ensemble has a couple of releases from the second half of the eighties onwards, you can find some here, here and here. I don't know whether these songs have been published on another cassette or cd compilation already, but I figured that this tape has its own special value as it had a promotional purpose. Get ready for some harsh noise stuff that you should only play loud! More information here on the official website plus a nice tribute video here.

                                                          High volume required!

As for this blog:

I intended to be posting a mixture of all kinds of things and not to fill in too much gaps of the rest of the blogosphere. However, a lot of music I wanted to post is available somehow somewhere which keeps me from posting it and strongly reduces my material. On the other hand this blog could grow out to be something very big within some months ( I've got some incredible opportunities), allthough I have to wait and see. As for some real oddities that are not really in the vein of this blog, I might start another blog next to this one with another kind of character. Anyway, keep returning because new posts will keep coming.


  1. thank you very much for this fantastic tape I didn't knew about... great material...
    I take advantage of this comment to invite those who like industrial music to visit my blog where I share my music for free...


    I wish you and your blog a very long life with a lot of love...


  2. Buenas.
    Este disco que subiste, de industrial technical folkmetal, está muy bueno, especialmente por el ruido sampleado del pedo contra la tela del calzoncillo, le da un efecto jazz.
    Te recomiendo "Las palometas cósmicas", ellos ganaron el festival del chancho risueño, celebrado en 1984 en Formosa.

    Saludos, compañero.
    Larga vida al Hernann Kaireh.