Sunday 15 September 2013

Moonyana - Self-Titled -1991- (Cassette, FV Music, FV38), Slovenia

Moonyana was a free-jazz, impro outfit from Slovenia. This particular cassette is a recording of a concert in 1989 and released according to the label's website in 1991. I don't know whether this group existed for this occasion only, or if they had other releases or concerts. Since there is almost no info around on this group it's hard to tell. About some individuals in the group there is some information: Saxophone player Primož Schmidt is known for having made more releases as well as performing alongside Bosnian underground hero Marko Brecelj. Nino de Gleria is a quite renowned Slovenian bass player in the Slovenian jazz and RIO world.
This cassette came out on Slovenian underground label FV Založba / FV Music. From their website:

- As a label FV has been documenting with a pioneering spirit Slovenian alternative rock for fifteen years. It was the first to expose Laibach's music to the listeners. As a booking agent FV took two of the most exposed bands from its rooster Dicky B. Hardy and Hic Et Nunc to an American coast to coast tour in 1998. The tour marked the first occasion of Slovenian musicians having toured the States without the support of a multinational music label. As a promoter FV has been bringing challenging sounds from groups as different as Einsturzende Neubauten and Dead Moon to the audiences in Slovenia as well as in countries from ex-Yugoslavia. 

FV Music was established in 1985 by the musicians of the group Borghesia and a circle of music aficionados that had previously run Disco FV, the first punk club in Ljubljana. FV, for several years the only Yugoslavian independent label, was born out of necessity to satisfy the creative impulses of its founding members. Today FV is the nation's first in promoting and booking alternative r'n'r bands. It has a strong network of relationships with clubs and local promoters in Slovenia and other ex-Yougoslavian states. It has a number of long standing contacts with European and American agencies. And it has a rooster with some of the most exiting and popular r'n'r bands in Slovenia and Croatia - Dicky B. Hardy, Rhythm Thieves, KUD Idijoti, The Spoons and Bambi Molesters. These are the bands that on Slovenian and ex-Yougoslavian club circuit guarentee a good night out. In Slovenia of today FV is a synonym for rock & roll. -

The recording has quite some surface noise since it's a documentation of a concert transferred to cassette, transferred by me to the computer. Nevertheless, it's fine free jazz improvisation with some minor RIO hints.

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