Sunday 3 May 2015

VA - MEC 70 - Música Do Brasil Volume 1 -1970- (LP, Ministério Da Educação e Cultura), Brazil

This is a rare Brazilian compilation of Avant-Garde composers from the early seventies. There existed a couple more records in this series (MEC 70, MEC 71) published by the ministry of education and culture of Brazil. One of them was posted ages ago by Continuo. The MEC series was created to showcase all Brazilian contemporary Avant-Garde music including musique concrète and electronic music in the early seventies.

On this record, which I believe is the first in the series, there are three Brazilian composers present: Edino Krieger, Ernst Widmer and J. Lins. All pieces are performed by the Orquestra Sinfônica Nacional. The first side is by Edino Krieger with his piece Ludus Symphonicus from 1965. It's a modern composed strictly classical piece reminding me of Harry Sparnaay's Bass Clarinet Identity II that I posted a while ago. It constantly evolves from tension to de-tension and is occasionally influenced by Brazilian rhythms. Unfortunately this side of the record turned out to be quite crackly.

The second side consists of two pieces: Quasars (1970) by Ernst Widmer and Policromia (1970) by J. Lins. These pieces are more spacious and experimental so to speak and evoke more futuristic images because of their cinematographic nature. Speaking about futuristic, I really love the sixties and seventies graphic and optical art from South America (in design, architecture etc.). It integrates and combines the beautiful natural and often tropical environment with geometrical modernity and the space age. The MEC covers all look amazing.This music has to be placed in that context too.

Enjoy! HERE


  1. Thank you from México.

  2. De nada! Saludos desde Holanda.

  3. It was the artwork that first caught my eye, so I completely agree about the perfect fusion of modernist geometrical design fused with a Latin American aesthetic - there is something so strangely organic about it - as a Photoshop user myself, you cannot but help feel that there is some quality you get to actual physical layouts that a computer just does not achieve (though I guess it depends on how talented you are!).

    Loved the Quasars track by Ernst Widmer - live it must have been incredible as it sounds like I imagine the centre of a tornado would do!

    The graphic design on the album over at Continuo is pretty special as well, just admiring it now - the music is like this one, more leaning towards classical compositions.

    The link takes a little finding so here it is for anyone interested:

  4. Hi!
    Do you have the other piecer of MEC 70 vol. 1? I need to hear "Policromia" by J. Lins for my research. I would be very thankful if you could share it.