Saturday, 30 November 2019

Various Artists - Sleepy -1980's- (Cassette, Self-Released), US

Here is another great tape from the home-taping cassette network, this time from the US. It's quite an unknown one that compiles 25 different artists from various genres with home-taping tracks created around the theme of sleep. Yes: sleep, dreams, snores, lullabies and other sleepytime sounds that are meant to keep you awake or to put you to deep hypnotizing sleep.

As for the artists I'd say that some of them are to be found more regularly on US home-taping cassettes like the mind-warping The Evolution Control Committee that came from North-Canton, Ohio or Hermanos Guzanos from Fairfax, California. But about most of the acts I have no clue who they were. I also don't know who released this compilation, how many were made or when it was exactly released.

Another interesting cassette in the typical American home-taping style, with lots of silliness, humor, cool electrified tracks, pop songs and experimental sounds. A perfect soundtrack to the time of hibernation during this winter that is commencing! Zzzzzzzz

Get it HERE


  1. Thank you. Heard the sound bite on youtube. SOunds bizarrely wonderful. You've got a great blog. Reminds me of Mutant Sounds from years ago.
    -Psyence Guy

  2. THANKS>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    Discogs link? Please.. Thank you!

  3. PLEASE URGENT RE UPLOAD . zippy share sucks. Jim Mutantsounds here...need this\s amazing