Friday 17 May 2013

Solenoid - Norey Games -1982- (Tape, Private Release), Holland

I'm very happy to announce this post. Peer Saer, one of the members of Solenoid has been so kind to tell the story of the band and reveal a somewhat forgotten history within the field of dutch hometaping and DIY-underground:

Solenoid was an experimental pop group from Harderwijk, the Netherlands. Expressing their amplified waves through music and disturbed sounds. They were active as a band in 1981 - 1982. Starting as a trio with guitar, bass, voice, organ, rhytm box. More terrestials became involved in their works. Expanded with drums, crackle box, toy instruments, trumpet, saxophone  and manipulated tapes. They were a live band, and involved in cassette culture. Rooted in psychedelic freaked-out pothead pixies underworld. Taking inspiration from those-were-the days-styles such as no wave, industrial music, the experimental expressions of Deutsche Welle, as well as early futurist art. The core members were closely connected with De Fabriek. The first Solenoid tape was in fact a collaboration with De Fabriek.

Occasional airplay on Dutch FM radio was given by VPRO's RadioNome. The Radiola Salon was also a FM radio outlet for Solenoid. Amazing free radio shows organized and presented by Willem de Ridder.

Solenoid received some exposure in Vinyl magazine: ... The music mostly comes about through improvisations and recorded on tape without overdubs.Before playing they agree on a key, but the final results are based on coincidence. Music means feelings to them. Something you don't figure out in advance ... Their first performance in the Effenaar as supporting act for Nasmak aroused mixed reactions ...

The band performed in Octopus with Doxa Sinistra during one of the [forgotten] Ultra nights in 1982. Other performances took place in Walhalla - Deventer, and in their squated homebase Het Moeras - Harderwijk. Their last concert was in Gallery Het Langhuis - Zwolle during the Elettrico Tempo exhibition along with De Fabriek, ERA_ORA, Nexda, Wolf P. Rillings, and others at the end of 1982.  

                                                        Het Moeras - Harderwijk

De Fabriek - Solenoid goes Fabriek: 1981 De Fabriek Records & Tapes Fabprod 3 (Here)
Solenoid - Silex Hippopola: 1982 New Bulwark Records & Tapes (Here)
Solenoid - Norey Games: 1982 private release
Audio Exchange Compilation: 1983 Soft Joke Prod Tapes & Records
Solenoid Superfar: circa 1986 De Fabriek Records & Tapes (Here)

Norey Games is a tape that has never been shared before in any way on the net! It was distributed only among invitees during a private release party in the summer of 1982. The tracks are mostly compiled from their live performances and alternated with tape experiments.

Get it HERE 

A forgotten cassette of Peer Saer's project Insecticide might follow shortly. Stay tuned!


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  8. Heb Solenoid gezien in het Moeras in Harderwijk. Op zich niet heel veel herinneringen meer paraat maar dat lag niet aan de band ;) Waren gouden tijden van vrijheid en kameraadschap. Leuk ook die foto van het Moeras; daarvan is nauwelijks iets te vinden op het web. Ik vind in totaal 4 foto's en een enkel krantenartikel over de worsteling van de gemeente met dit 'vrijstaatje' op de plek waar nu het St.Jansdal ziekenhuis staat