Sunday 9 February 2014

A Message

Hello readers of the blog!

I have been out of my country for a while so I wasn't able to post stuff, but don't worry. Archaic Inventions is nearing it's first year anniversary in three weeks and the visit-counter is almost nearing 10.000(!) which is amazing for me considering a relatively little amount of posts on the blog and perhaps little interest for this kind of music in general. Moreover, people have even been putting some of the songs up one youtube!
Do you guys think I should do something like that too and include it in the posts to give some idea of what to expect from the release? I might have to upgrade this archaic blog to something contemporary.

I started out this blog at the age of 22 with a kind of feeling of responsibilty towards the blogosphere, because Mutant Sounds and No Longer Forgotten Music stopped. It's like finishig a novel so amazing that you want to start and write the rest yourself to never let it end. Those blogs gave me so much and I was sad about the developments with blogs dying, people's sincere concerns about file sharing and more and more trouble with file-sharing websites. I knew I had great stuff to share that never got attention, but at the same I was kind of worried about the fact that I would never be able to share music in such enormous quantities of quality. Also I guess I might have been creating some kind of absolute construction of deviant music in my head which my blog should reflect, which might have been connected to my worldview in combination with my age.

By now, one year later, many things have happened and I view things a bit differently. Now I really don't care that much anymore what it reflects as long as I think that what I share has a certain value, in whatever sense that might be. Whatever style, deviance or not, a rarity or something else. Subcultures, even starting out with good intentions are suffocating me nowadays even with respect to things like minimal synth/wave which is actually one of my favorite musical genres. Anyway, I still don't have that many things to share and I will always stand for the fact that I won't copy existing links, share in-print music or post what you are basically already able to find on the web. I think the beauty of a music blog lies in the fact that people really uncover  music that had never been heard before. In other words: that they actually have something to share. And come on, everybody knows how difficult it's getting to find stuff with a high amount of quality that didn't exist on some blog yet. Music blogs have re-invented the history of music and because of this process of uncovering old music, so much has been reissued and given the proper attention at last.

What I'm thinking right now is that this blog will have a different kind of consistency concerning it's content, but I will keep sharing the same stuff as well, that's priority so to speak. Moreover, I'd really like to use this blog as a platform from which I could do different things. I'm working on some thematic radiosets which I'd like to do, although they might be kind of personal.

Anyway, I'd like to thank everyone for visiting this blog, spreading the music and supporting. Please share your opinions, ideas, comments or whatever if you feel like it. New posts are coming this week and they might be the best ones yet, so stay tuned!

Thanks again,

Bence - Archaic Inventions

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