Saturday 15 March 2014

Variëté Royal - Same -198X- (Tape, Kino-Tone), Netherlands

I guess it can't get any more obscure than this. I've got no clue who contributed to this or was behind this cassette. I'm not even sure about the name, but it has Variëté Royal written on the insert. The only thing I know is that it comes from the city Maastricht in the complete south of the Netherlands. Kino-Tone was a label that was affiliated to Friet Records, a small independent label which published some punk and post-punk cassettes and singles in the early and mid-eighties. You can find some of those releases over here.

This cassette might have some connection with the VEC-exchange which also hailed from Maastricht, but I'm not sure. You could only obtain those cassettes by means of exchanging your own music on tape for one of the volumes. Then they would put some of your music on the next tape so the cycle would keep going. There is an excellent article over here about that project and you can get them all over here on the official website.

The music on this Kino-Tone tape ranges from processed Casio VL-1 sounds to some proper jamsession song-stuff and electro-acoustic experiments all drenched in a nice portion of surface noise. It's a classic home-taping recording which has some really nice highlights. My personal one is this excerpt below which sounds very close to some total wacky Ptôse like jam. I did not separate the tracks as I felt it was intended as a whole.



  1. Hello,

    Just find your blog. Thank you for your posts.

    Is it possible to re-up these following tapes :

    Variëté Royal - Same -198X- (Tape, Kino-Tone), Netherlands
    Art Deco - 1983-84-85 Live Select & '86 Select (Budapest), Hungary
    Moonyana - Self-Titled -1991- (Cassette, FV Music, FV38), Slovenia

    Big Thanx in advance.

    Greetings from France.

    1. Bonjour Jef!

      Sure I will upload them these days! Please check back. Thanks for letting me know which links are down.


  2. VEC directoRod says "I do recognise this cassette but it wasn't one of mine. It might be from Nol Smeets. A saxophonist who lived in Amsterdam the last I heard. That was a long time ago now when I recorded hime in duet with Piano Cuypers.

    1. Thank you for the information! You must be right about Nol Smeets, as his name is written on the little insert card. My guess was VEC due to the affiliation to Friet records and Maastricht. Great recording nevertheless!