Sunday 5 May 2019


For years I have been thinking that nobody is ever commenting on Archaic Inventions. I was a bit surprised about it: just in general you know. But I just found out that all the comments were set to "in need of moderation" by the blogger settings. It's for the first time ever I see all of this. It feels a bit like finding an old box of unknown tapes you didn't know existed so it's quite in line with the essence of this blog. In any case, it has been published now! This incapable censorship was not on purpose! I'm a joke! Thank you all for great feedback, your thoughts and additional information! Sharing is not intented to come from just one side, not to mention artists sharing their thoughts on their music. Much love! - Bence


  1. Lol that's amusing.. The only way to re-awake the music blogsphere like it used to be on Mutant Sounds days is if we keep commenting and sharing with each other.. very important, shame no one barely does anymore :(

    1. Exactly! I remember when there was a real "blogosphere" in the Mutant Sounds heyday with blogs commenting on each other and people sharing their thoughts. But there is not much left of that time. Not even that many blogs exist that provide unique material, which is also not that strange.So much has already been shared. I try to comment here and there on Tape Attack or Muzika Komunika or any other blog when somnething nice is posted, but I also don't have the time to react to everything.

      We entered the second era now in which the reissue labels and DJ's are the ones that fill up the realm that was once created by the blogs. The open source and autonomous realm has been very much narrowed. Only few links still exist with that old source of blogosphere community. Also with regard to the volume of the material I have in front of me to share, the gentrification of the musical tendencies and the danger of being deleted totally one day, this blog will have to leave the Google Blogger template one day. I can't rely on that anymore and the blog will migrate in its entirety.

      I think I changed the comments into "in need of moderation" due to endless spam comments of robotic companies polluting the posts, but I completely forgot where to manage them. So for now it's all open again, like it should be, at least on YouTube people shared some comments. It's also a preference of where you surf to preferably. Now back to this blogosphere stuff!

    2. You can keep the comments open without moderation and just sign to get notified for each comments, thats what I do, so you can keep and eye against bots and more imporant - notice when someone is kindly enough to say thanks in the comments ;)

      I honestly don't think it's true that it's "not that strange" that blogs don't offer unique material.. surprising as it is in 2019, I can think of a ton of material still hiding in basements. I personaly have still a lot more to offer, just don't have a time to operate the blog.

      I think that second era is still working for blogs, but only those are are running themselves through facebook platform. Since other people (except the few of us who still search for music by themselves), even if they're into not so popular music, are preferring getting it instantly through their facebook wall, instead of keep coming to those old blogs they used to like (let alone new ones they don't know). Or even better, have some friend they trust to who just makes weekly mixtape and share it via mixcloud.
      And I can get it.. it's much more easier and faster if all you wanna do is just listen to some music you like. But for us I guess that's not enough, and back in the days, blogs had both them and us as crowd, and now it's just us few who enjoy the search and the knowledge not only the sounds.

      Never thought about leaving blogger, have you got any threats of deletion on this one ? You're not posting much major labels stuff lol so I don't see who'll make a threat.

  2. Yes! All of your work is most definitely appreciated. Thank you so much.

  3. Brilliant work here- thanks for the music

  4. hey ai, really appreciate your work, incredible stuff u find. am probably a younger generation, but still thirsty of going further, am curious but need a better submarine lol. I listened bored dreamed a lot here and there. , any suggestions for other trippy blogspots always welcome, maybe will hear from u, or another, or from silence ? thanks

  5. I am a younger generation myself too if we consider most of the content on this blog. So it's very inspiring to hear from you. How I understood things is to always try and internalize what you can still first-hand get from all those older trippy people. It all passes on from generation to generation. Although somehow I was blessed enough to cut through this time-space and appropriation fabric (I will elaborate more on that one day). Thank you so much for commenting. Other (also great inactive) blogspots you can find on the blog's sidebar ---->

  6. Am curious about the time space appropriation fabric, makes me think about an octopus. and yes hand, oral transmission... But internet is a kind of subconscious inner city, loved to grow up in nature, but wow all these interconnected cyber landscapes in which I contemplated, and meta...