Tuesday, 18 August 2020

Roy G. Biv - Prince Spaghetti Day -1985- (Cassette, Self-Released), Netherlands

Roy G. Biv (Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo Violet) was an Amsterdam based home-taping project and sound & color improvisation band created by Dutch musician and visual artist Robin Deirkauf in collaboration with Edward Vunderink (guitars, voice) and Frans Evers (keyboards).

The band played hours of psychedelic jam sessions in which repetitive guitar riffs, cosmic electronics and post-punk experimentation were brough together. Roy G. Biv released around 10 different cassette albums during the 80's. The early work by the band can be placed in a more cosmic electronic Krautrock tradition, while the later albums blend a psychedelic sound with different music influences from the 80's. A variety of spectral color schemes and color symbolism were an important dimension of the band. Visual art and conceptual ideas around colors were used and developed for live concerts and for the releases. Conceptually it reminds me of the direction Sonic Boom took with his band Spectrum after the Spacemen 3 period. You can read more about Roy G. Biv in a previous blogpost.


Prince Spaghetti Day (named after an American spaghetti commercial) is a later release by Roy G. Biv from 1985. It's less dreamy and overall more rhythm driven. Yet another nice album of psychedelic jams mediated through a home-taping minimal synth sound, reminiscent of bands like 39 Clocks or Circles.

RIP Robin Deirkauf 1946-2019

From the Collection Allard Pierson/NPI

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  1. I just found your magnificent Blog (link on Bulletproof Socks) and I wanted to say that you must know more about obscure cassette releases than anyone in the world. Respect!
    Having flattered you, any chance if a re-up on Mediafire for this. Cheers.