Tuesday 30 September 2014

Formatory Apparatus - Archive (2014, Polytechnic Youth)

Sorry for the hiatus on this blog, I have been very busy lately, but I still have new posts coming up soon so keep looking out for them. Furthermore I'd like to announce the release of my first ever record that comes out tomorrow 1st of october on Polytechnic Youth. This first archive album is supposed to be a warm up for the real release later on Deep Distance, sublabel of The Great Pop Supplement. Please check out these labels if you want to discover some contemporary off the radar bands that are absolutely amazing.

Formatory Apparatus - Archive consists of jamssessions and early bedroom experiments I did between 2011 and 2013 more or less (can't exactly remember). It has a fully analog minimal synth, electronic-kraut motorik style sound fueled by teenage angst and was previously recorded on a bunch of cassettes. No computers or midi-control was used in the making of the songs.

The "Archive" vinyl will be strictly limited to a 100 copies so grab it while you can over at Polytechnic Youth.




Thanks for staying tuned in to the blog!