Thursday 21 February 2019

Gefärhliche Klons - Reise Durch A Sunday Afternoon -1981- (Cassette, Pop-O-Records), Germany

*Archaic Inventions 6 Years Anniversary Post!*

Gefährliche Klons (Dangerous Clones) were a duo from Marburg, Hessen that consisted of Iggi Unpop (Exo Neutrino) and Uwe Linke. They started their musical project after a visit to legendary German Neue Deutsche Welle band Der Plan. Obviously they also took their name from the band's song Gefährliche Clowns (Dangerous Clowns).

Both members of Gefährliche Klons were very much inspired by The Residents, just like Der Plan was. Der Plan even named their first album after the The Residents concept Geri Reig. The principle that you can get best results with doing the least you can. Gefährliche Klons later also morphed into new incarnations like Little Clones, FunTastiKlons or Different Clones (VOD released some of their music as part of the German Punk Wave Box Set), but this cassette was their first output ever.

Reise Durch A Sunday Afternoon was self-released in an edition of 20 copies in 1981 and was recorded with the minimal tools of a tape-deck, toys, a mouth-harp, a xylophone, guitar and maybe some kitchenware during the course of a Sunday afternoon. It displays how the Gefährliche Klons were even more primitive than Der Plan, lacking even the implementation of synthesizers and other electronically generated sounds. It's a great example of the NDW scene of the early eighties that sometimes even used a non-music attitude in doing music anyway. More punk than punk, since you don't play punk! It reminds me of other German acts like Die Parkhaushänker or Der Ewige Musikant.

On the amazing Tape Attack blog I found a fanzine from 1981 called C.T.Z. Mainz and it includes a little review of Reise Durch A Sunday Afternoon. It's great how you can actually piece together all these different bits of obscure information. On the cover of the cassette you can clearly read that there are 24 different tracks and I started to dissect the tape into those different tracks until I found out it was impossible. So I left the tape unindexed in its two different sides (the dangerous clones got me...)

This is an amazing absurdistic Der Plan-related NDW relic from the early 80's DIY cassette culture. It contains nice primitive music, humor and maybe the best DIY cover of The House Of The Rising Sun ever. An edition of 20 hand-made copies! Don't ask me how I find this stuff, it probably finds me.

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  1. Thanks a lot, this muzieke is great fun!
    Quite absurd version of the german national anthem at the end of side A.
    One of the musicians (Iggy Unpop) was also part of 'Lustige Musikanten'.
    They made one 7" vinyl E.P. in 1981 called 'UnPop':

    There are two hidden bonus tracks on the tape.
    Here's the cassette's tracklist:

    01. Zwergenaufstand
    02. Russki lustig
    03. Auf der Alm jodelt der Wind
    04. Trauriger Regen
    05. Chinesisches Amtsgericht
    06. The Luft-Balloon
    07. Kirmes in Halumba
    08. Rockin' the B 27
    09. Nörgelkind
    10. Der Frühling kommt
    11. Saurer Nachgeschmack
    12. Alles über Deutschland

    13. The (??) of the Residents Part 1
    14. The (??) of the Residents Part 2
    15. Ein Schlaflied für Baby
    16. Süßer Glocken
    17. Keine Fenster aber
    18. Der störrische Schmied
    19. Poor boys, I'm one
    20. Georg wieder voll
    21. Schwer auf Draht
    22. Volle Blus'
    23. Marsch Medly
    24. Totentanz

    25. Evchenweich
    26. Schweinetanz

    I've cut your audio files into 24+2 parts.
    If you like to have this cut version or the 7" by Lustige Musikanten, please leave a comment here.

    Beste Grüße
    Pueppi Perle

  2. Hey, it's that bloke out of The Hand of Doom! Thanks for this.

  3. I bought one of the 20 tapes. I have still got it