Saturday 22 August 2020

The Final Curtain - Self-Titled -1986- (Cassette, Self-Released), Netherlands

I figured that we're not going to end this month without some heavier hitting tunes for your living room/bedroom dancefloor (the only one that matters anyway). The Final Curtain is a project I have no information about, nor does the cassette reveal anything else than a plastic inlay displaying an abstract drawing with strange symbols or initials. It's a super obscurity from the Dutch home-taping era that only gives us a title and a year of release on the outer cassette case.

The fragile tape contains two great synth-wave tracks belonging to that outer space alien dancefloor realm where twinkling stars far above us prove us there must be more than this... An analog electronic sound shared by a few other Dutch acts from those days like Ende Shneafliet or No Honey From These. Perhaps some of these forces also forecasted the Dutch electro sound that would arise many years later through labels like Bunker or Viewlexx.

More lost minimal synth melancholia from the electric 80's cradle.

From the Collection Allard Pierson/NPI

Get The Final Curtain HERE


  1. Hi, any chance for a re-upp of this? The file expired sadly... Thanks in advance. There was a German band with the same name also active in 1986 - maybe it's them?

    1. Hi, it should be back up now. There is definitely a chance that it's the same German band then. Do you know if they sound similar? The cassette comes from a large archive of Dutch cassettes only, so I assumed it's from Holland. Ofcourse it could have slipped in. Maybe we'll find out one day and I will update the information on it. I will investigate. Thanks!

    2. Thanks for the re-upload - great stuff!!!!
      I just asked a guy from the German Final Curtain project. I'll get back to you once I hear from him... :-)