Sunday, 7 March 2021

The Lost Attic WegWerpTapes (aka TLAWWT) - Self-Titled -1985- (LP, Self-Released), Netherlands

The Lost Attic was a Dutch experimental music and home-taping project by Berry Rikkerink (who sadly passed away around 2008) and in this case someone named Lupie from Groningen. Rikkerink also had the project Technological Aquiver and released different weird cassettes on his Wegwerptapes (throw-away tapes) label like Interprovinsjale Sweinen. He also had close ties to the Dutch home-taping group De Fabriek as well as some collaborations with Kapotte Muziek

The Groningen home-tapers were specially deranged in their approach when you hear their material and were also strongly embedded in the squatting scene of Groningen at the time. During the 80's the Dutch squatting scene played a hugely important role for the youth that lacked future perspectives in an ideologically divided grey and dark Europe. The Netherlands is a small country with too many people, meaning there is not enough space. It has a messed up social housing system and non-affordable rents, specially for young people. The squatting scene was built from the necessity to live. Ofcourse, as a result, it was always very politically engaged and even militant at times, and by doing so also succeeded in providing space for creative experimentation, art and lots of madness between the margins. For some people squatting saved their life, some people just sympathized with squatting while others only profited from it. Something that comes with any form of free space and inclusive and open projects in general. Many important modern cultural institutions and concert halls in The Netherlands once started as squats or have some ties with squatting starting already since the 60's, but this narrative has largely been wasted with time.

The Lost Attic WegWerpTapes is another important album of the Dutch home-taping network of the 80's. It was mastered by Nico Seelen aka O.R.D.U.C. and shows that tape music can also be pressed on vinyl, why not? It's a great example of experimental anti-music with electronic noises, casio keyboards, rastaman vibrations(!), improvised jam sessions, humor as well as a punk attitude not too happy about the Dutch monarchy (Trix Ga Naar Huis). A little bit of everything. Just some recordings on tapes, thrown away somewhere in a lost attic... A great record! It was re-released by De Fabriek during the 90's.

More info on Wegwerptapes and such is to be found in the vast archive of No Longer Forgotten Music.

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  1. Lupie = Marco Lupi (+- 1967 - 20 april 1990). Hij was een jeugdvriend van me op de middelbare school (zo rond 1985). In 1990 kwam hij om in het WNC kraakpand:

    1. Ach, wat een droevig verhaal. Bedankt voor de informatie en wat goed dat we de documentatie van dit soort geschiedenis nog steeds in handen hebben binnen de archieven van de kraakbeweging. Alles wordt bij mij inmiddels nog levendiger. Ik ben benieuwd hoe en waarom Lupie op zo'n jonge leeftijd al ook zo actief is geweest in de muziek (het maken van DIY cassettes) naast het activistische bestaan.

      Mooie woorden van Bart FM Droog aan het einde van het artikel. Wat een tijden... Nogmaals bedankt voor het delen van deze informatie. En hoe het het ook zij: Rust zacht, Lupie. We eren hem hier door de herbeleving van zijn klanken en compromisloze spirit.