Tuesday 24 March 2020

Dust And The Minds - Obsessioneel En Non-Stop -198X- (Cassette, Egmondse Klank Opsessie E.K.O. 11), Netherlands

Dust And The Minds were a free form-rock and improvisation home-taping outfit from the small village of Egmond aan den Hoef in The Netherlands. The main members were the brothers Fred and John Valkering, but they were always accompanied by lots of other musicians. The Valkering brothers established their cassette label Egmondse Klank Opsessie to release their different musical disguises like Dust And The Minds, Comrades Creating, Hafre as well as solo works. The music on the E.K.O. label consists mostly of punk, free improvisation, dub and post-punk.

Obsessioneel En Non-Stop is an album by Dust And The Minds that consists of two side-long pieces of improvisational jams. It's quite special that this small community of people from a village in Holland had such an extensive output of releases. I've got more material of this label coming to the blog and most of the releases are real pieces of DIY-art containing posters, self-created boxes, cut-ups, drawings and even books. I find it curious how so much great music was released on E.K.O. yet I never really heard this label being mentioned by people when it comes to the Dutch home-taping underground

Enjoy this first lo-fi tape of home-made jams by Dust And The Minds, their other releases are upcoming and there's already a lot to be found on No Longer Forgotten Music, but I don't know if the links are still working after all those years.

Kindly donated by the Y Create archive

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  1. Ho, i'd like to listen to many of your last posts , but don't know why since a couple of years ZIppyshare Is unsuitable to me. Can you upload using some other Like MediaFire or Dropbox ,?😀 Hope you dont go angry , good luck , Stefano

  2. Hi Stefano, haha, no not angry, ofcourse. In the side-bar on the right I made a little description on how to bypass the Zippyshare block. Try to cut and paste the Zippyshare link into this website:

    Dropbox I won't use with that many people in the world. Mediafire is not free. Will upload a mirror link for now, but I don't always find the time for it.

    Cheers, Bence

  3. Trippy stuff. Thanks

  4. Hi ! Is a reupload possible please ? Both links are dead.